Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cysts - The Unknown Diseases
Vigdis Thompson Foundation

The Vigdis Thompson Foundation is dedicated to the research, establishment, and publication of the latest scientific findings of this rare and serious condition. The knowledge of these diseases is very small. This is due to the rare occurrence, and thus, the resulting limited experience of the doctors who are confronted with it. Very much is missing in the systematic research approach of these conditions.

Such a research project requires the accumulation of a vast amount of data from the patients and the systematic analysis of this data. Only with this analytical data is the continuing research possible, amongst others in the field of molecular genetics.

The goal of the Vigdis Thompson Foundation is the establishment of the worldwide first patient register, as well as the organization and execution of systematic research projects in the field of these diseases. The Vigdis Thompson Foundation sees itself as the platform for patients, relatives, supporters and doctors.

The originator of the foundation, Mrs. Vigdis Thompson, bequested the starting capital for the foundation upon her tragic death.

To enjoy life.
We support affected people and their relatives on the path to new quality of life.

The Goal of the Vigdis Thompson Foundation

We have made the commitment to establish the first world-wide patient register as well as the organization and implementation of systematic research projects. At the same time, we see ourselves as a platform for affected people, their relatives, supporters and doctors.

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Information for Affected People

Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cysts are rare diseases which are so little known in society. The Vigdis Thompson Foundation wants to help affected and interested people to better understand the diseases and their causes. In addition, we inform about symptoms, diagnostics and therapy possibilities.

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Iatrogen mit Duranaht


Verkalkte Arachnoidea

Resektion der Zyste

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Jan-Peter Warnke, head of the neurological department of the Paracelsus Hospital Zwickau and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vigdis Thompson Foundation researches the causes of Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cysts.

His main goal: To find answers to still unanswered medical questions and to thus enable a targeted early therapy.

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