The generous financial support of our work by the HEAD Genuit Foundation made it possible to

  • establish a patient register that holds the data of patients with diagnosed Leptomeninges (Arachnoiditis)
  • raise awareness for our foundation

The HEAD Genuit Foundation is one of our biggest sponsors.

The HEAD-Genuit-Foundation was created in 2008 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Genuit, the founder and CEO of the HEAD acoustics GmbH in Herzogenrath near Aachen.

Since the fall of 2015 the charitable foundation is shareholder of the world’s leading company for integrated acoustics solutions as well as sound and vibration analysis.

The HEAD-Genuit Foundation promotes:

  • People, projects and institutions in science and research,
    • that strive for an improved acoustic environment,
    • that work for a patient and health-oriented pain therapy.
  • The development of technical procedures that reduce noise pollution.
  • The further development of the psycho-acoustic approach.
  • The development of therapeutic attitudes and behaviors which activate and strengthen the healthy aspects of the patient.
  • The individualized therapy, which is based on the person and situation of the pain patient

In the area of supporting the public health field the goal is to support people which are suffering from arachnoiditis, to support arachnoiditis research and related research fields as well as scientific research and education.

Other sponsors

We also thank our other sponsors.

Bustouristik aus Werdau-Steinpleis
Augenoptik Näser in Werdau & Crimmitschau
Physiotherapie Wolf in Zwickau
Gerüstbau Quadflieg in Werdau
Fischmarkt Scheibner in Werdau

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